About Amplify Running

Welcome to Amplify Running. I’m Chris Narbone a runner with a passion for technology. I created this blog to help runners who want to run on innovation.

From smartphone apps, to wearable technology, and to all other types of running gear, Amplify Running is a great resource that presents a new way of looking at running. To know what that means you have to know my story…


Lying on the doctor’s examining table, I closed my eyes and wondered out loud, “How did I get here?”


There’s no one in the room to answer the question or hear me say the answer. I know why I was there: forty pounds overweight, cholesterol numbers high enough they need medication in order to be lowered, a false sense of invincibility – I could go on but it’s not going to heal the bulging disc in my lower back.

The doctor returns with a prescription for the pain killers and physical therapy then this advice: lose weight and make better choices. If you don’t, you’ll have start medication to prevent your families’ history from catching up to you.

The doctor’s word are matter of fact. I’m not receiving a lot of sympathy from him – I’m sure I’m not the first person he has said this to. The words sting because I know it’s true. I want to ignore it because it’s easier to fall into comfortable habits.

Then it hit me, I’m statistic. Just a number. I’m part of a growing trend of overweight, unhealthy Americans. Can’t any of this be stopped?

I sat in the parking lot not sure if I was going to cry, scream, or both. The pain in my back prevented me from doing either.

I looked over at a paperback book I was halfway through reading called Cyborg (you know it as the Six Million Dollar Man from TV).



I stared at the cover and then a phrase hits me:

We can rebuild him. We have the technology.

I laughed because a quote from a 1970’s TV show is motivating me to change my lifestyle via technology. I’ve always been interested in technology but how would this even work? What technology could I even use to help me?

Later that night, I watched the news and a story broke about Apple’s release of the iPhone 4…


Forty-five pounds lighter, healthier, stronger, and faster. I’m a runner training for his first marathon. I’m in the best shape since I was the captain of my high school swim team, and my outlook on life has changed immensely.

What changed? I engaged technology to make some serious lifestyle changes. What also helped was support from my wife and kids not to mention the motivation to make it happen.

Integrating  with the iPhone 4  to create a healthy lifestyle was the beginning of my rebuilding process. But technology continues to evolves, so I do.

I research the emerging and disruptive trends that I might adopt for my running and a healthier life. I experiment with technology to see what works and what doesn’t. There aren’t any sure bets on what works but I start with a trust but verify approach.

As a runner, I’ve gone farther and faster than I ever thought possible and I believe my best is yet to come.

Thanks for visiting and hope you find my content helpful in pursuing your goals!