Project Stealth Update: No Snacking, Adding Muscle But Not Losing Weight

It’s a couple of weeks since my last update on my Project Stealth (aka weight loss plan). I thought this would be a good time to post an update on not losing weight. I’m still at 200 pounds which nets me a three pound loss since my first post (which was about month ago).

No Snacking

Something interesting has happened since I last posted. I read an interesting eBook about discipline and one of the rules was to not snack. I gasped when I saw this strategy. For me, snacking is how I lost my 40 pounds. I ate small meals throughout the day with a couple of snacks to hold me over.

Prior to reading this eBook, I struggled with my appetite. I was constantly hungry – especially after work and right before dinner. I read somewhere that if you’re hungry while trying to lose weight, time to rethink the strategy.

I took the no snacking challenge. What the eBook advised was to eat slightly bigger meals three times a day. Made sense to me but it was a balance because I shouldn’t be gorging myself three times a day.

The result was less hunger pangs and better mindset into dinner and into the evening. I dipped to 199 but then something else happened too.


Adding Muscle but Not Losing Weight

As part of my ongoing strategy for injury free running, I take strength training more seriously. For the last month, I’ve been using a workout a co-worker gave me, and it’s been awesome. The workout provides a lot of runner type strength building movements.

The other tactic I’ve added was 100 pushups, 100 squats, and 100 crunches – 6 days a week. This came at the suggestion of the eBook. I thought – why not?

Where things got interesting is that I was building muscle and not losing weight.

At first I got a little salty with the scale, but then I tried on a pair of pants I haven’t been able to wear for over a year. Then, I was smiling. They fit!

Suddenly, I had to pull another notch on belt because it was too loose.

What I realized was that I lost an inch or two, built muscle, but wasn’t necessarily losing weight. It’s kind of  a good position to be in but it doesn’t get me closer to my 185 goal. Or will it and it will just take longer?

What are your experiences with building muscle and not losing weight? Does it just take longer? Leave a comment! Thanks for reading.

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  1. says

    I like to tell people…”Get off the scale and start looking in the mirror.” It’s not about losing weight it’s about body composition. Like you said your gaining muscle but not losing anything on the scale. This is just it, your losing the fat. That is what we all want right? Many people relate losing weight with losing fat. But it’s not really about the “weight” it’s about the fat.

  2. Richard says

    Well, I am an ectomorph and my main principle is: eat whatever you want whenever you want =) This principle really works if you are an ectomorph!

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