Adidas Climalite Underwear Review

You blog about running long enough and you get to a point that you start looking for any kind of edge possible. I’ve reviewed shirts, shoes, apps, and plenty of gadgets. Today, I’m getting out of my comfort zone and focusing on underwear – Adidas Climate underwear (there is a difference!).


It’s worth quickly mentioning how I came across this Climalite underwear. This past Christmas my wife and I were keeping it pretty low key for ourselves and really focusing on the kids. She wanted a hairdryer – fine. I wanted…underwear? Yes, all those years as a kid growing and loathing the packs of underwear found under the Christmas tree now coming full circle. All my gear is sweat wicking, moisture control fabrics; except when it comes to underwear. Is it necessary? Allow me to make a case for it.

Why Climalite Underwear?

I’ve come to resent cotton when it comes to running. It’s comfortable most of the time – until you start sweating. Cotton traps body heat and moisture which can stick to your body which creates ugly things like chaffing.

Switching over to synthetic fabrics can make all the difference in the world on long runs in cold and hot weather. The material is breathable which keeps you cooler or warmer as needed.


This brings me to Climalite underwear and back to my Christmas story. I was kind of stumped on what to get. My wife and I were doing some last minute shopping at Kohl’s. The plan was to pick out a gift, wrap it, and then let the kids give it to us Christmas day.

As I walked around the men’s section, I actually thought socks – you can never have enough, right? Well, I meandered into the undergarment section and it hit me. Why not? If I’m not wearing cotton tee shirts for running, why not do the same for underwear?

Benefits of Climalite Underwear

When I became committed to the idea of underwear for a Christmas gift, I had to explain it to my wife. She didn’t quite share my fascination in underwear technology. Here were my selling points on Climalite underwear:

  • Keeps me cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cold
  • Soft, light and breathable
  • No tags
  • Odor resistant (my gym bag is happiest with this purchase)
  • Non-chaffing stitching

I feel the different and know the difference – almost immediately. After several uses and washes the material doesn’t show any signs of fading or losing any of its moisture management properties.


For any run, I prepare all my gear and now I’m thinking underwear too. Kind of funny but I guess you know you’re runner when you start thinking about the best underwear for your run.

You can pick up Adidas Performance Climalite Underwear at Amazon.

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