Airia One Review

Airia One sets out to make the claim that running shoes can make you faster. To be accurate, 7% faster. It’s a bold claim but with innovation and quality behind it that just might be true.

In my opinion, though, shoes don’t make the runner; the runner makes the shoes. This philosophy is put to the test with the Airia One. In this review, I’ll cover if this biomechanically enhanced shoe lives up to its promise.

Airia One – Out of the box

Before I even received a pair of the Airia One’s, I wrote a preview of the shoe late last year. I loved the idea of a shoe crafted for a runner. What do I mean by that? Airia One takes addresses motion control, optimal energy return, and biomechanics all within the shoe. Each step is supposed to give a runner feeling of strength and improved posture.

Check out Craig Payne’s thoughts on the technology behind Airia One at Running Research Junkie.

That’s a lot of going on in one pair of shoes. When I received my sample of the Airia One, two things struck me: these shoes are WHITE and the angle up on the toe box.


I’ve never seen a whiter pair of shoes (my boys were fascinated by them). I’m sure future versions of this shoe will have more style and color, but for now they are…white.

That angled toe box is a real adjustment. Airia makes the claim that their shoes are only for running and not walking. No hype there. I walked around the house in these shoes and knew immediately: running only. The shoe is engineered to give runners the best push off  hence the angled toe box.


A couple of other specs worth mentioning:

  • Shoe weight is 9 ounces; not heavy but I thought it would’ve been lighter
  • Heel drop 7.2 mm; I wasn’t surprised by this as the shoe feels similar to what a minimalist shoe would offer
  • It’s white

Airia One – On the road

I’m using the term “on the road” loosely here. I honestly ran 3 miles in these shoes. I’m not efficient runner – I want to be and it’s something I’m working towards. Unfortunately, I had this dread of getting injured as a result of wearing these shoes. Maybe this is where the “shoes make the runner”, or this case injure the runner.

My guess is that the Airia One will be a hard sell for most runners. For those runners who are efficient and have excellent mechanics, I have no doubt they’ll appreciate this shoe.

At 3 miles, I realized quickly I’m not in the efficient runner category (someday maybe).

I’m not going to suggest that this is a bad shoe; it’s not. Actually. it’s well made – the sole is produced by Vibram.


The upper has a breathability that is just as good as anything I’ve seen. If you purchased a pair of Airia One’s, you’re not paying for a gimmick, but innovation and quality.


Final Thoughts

I’ve reviewed a pretty broad spectrum of running shoes, but this is the first review where I knew a shoe wasn’t for me. If you have the form and the mechanics to handle the Airia One, go for it. For more information, visit Airia One at

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