8 Revolutionary Methods to Augment Your Health and Fitness Through Technology

We live in a time where technology can either work for us or against us. If trying to lose weight or attain a healthy goal, you might be interested in a few ways technology can augment your health and fitness goals. I refer to this augmentation as the human revolution. It’s a movement where people are leveraging technology to improve themselves mentally and physically. As I mentioned above, technology can work for you or against you. Have you thought about what technology can do for you? Augment-Your-Health-and-Fitness In this post, I’ll detail 8 ways you can use technology to work for you in reaching your health and fitness goals.

1. Big Data

This concept will be the underlying factor for the other 7 but it’s too big to ignore. The quantified self movement is a major factor in how you can augment your health and fitness. With the ability to measure and track any statistic related to you, more information can lead to breakthrough in your health and fitness.

2. Heart Rate Training

This type of technology used to come in the form of chest strap and a monitoring devices. Lately, this technology has improved and become smaller by using wrist device to monitor your heart rate. Whether you’re a swimming, running, and biking, the heart rate method is a great way to track how hard or easy you’re training. Check out the Mio Alpha or TomTom Runner Cardio. TomTom-Runner-Cardio

3. Social Media

If you’re the competitive type or just enjoy connecting with others, engaging in social media is a good way to stay motivated for health and fitness. Sites like Fitocracy or DailyMile have created supportive communities filled with encouragement and inspiration. Fitocracy

4. Smart Fabrics

Activity tracking is popular way to measure fitness but smart fabrics raises it to another level. In most cases, a measuring device is embedded in the fabric that make it possible to report out body movements. Products like Hexoskin and Heapsylon are pioneers in the smart fabric industry.

5. Mobile Apps

Probably one of the first forms of the human revolution movement. Mobile apps provide a low cost way to gather fitness data for measuring. Ideal if you run, bike, or walk but don’t stop there. If you count calories or need a method to track a fitness plan, there’s an app for that (cliche, I know, but it’s true). Check out the iTunes App Store or Android Market for ideas. top-25-running-mobile-app

6. DNA Analysis

Get a better understanding of where you come from by understanding your DNA. Companies like 23andme offer genetic testing that provide you with insight into from hair quality to muscle performance; risk factors for diseases; and predicted responses to medications.

7. Sleep Technology

Sleep is a key ingredient to a number of health and fitness goals so why not measure you quality and quantity? The business of sleep management is becoming more important given our busy lives and the desire to get healthy and fit. Check out Philips Wake-Up Light and Zeo Personal Sleep Manager.

8. Gamify Your Health and Fitness

Taking a gaming strategy to your health and fitness plan is a great way to stay engaged. Mobile apps to online programs, the gamification of health and fitness will be around for a long time. Within this method there’s some underlying motivation that can spark you to keep moving.

Which method or methods are you interested in trying to augment you health and fitness?

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