Tuvizo Reflective Vest Review


Tuvizo provides a simple solution to any runner’s concern about running safety at night. Their high reflective vest might be low tech but its durability and reliability is as good (if not better) than any other reflective product on the market. In this review I’ll cover the Tuvizo Reflective Vest out of the box and on the road. The folks at Tuvizo provided with a media … [Read more...]

Backjoy Review


Backjoy  provides support to those looking to prevent back pain and live a life with a strong and healthy back. They've created a number of life changing products that promote better posture whether you're sitting, standing, or running. Before I really got serious about running, I had serious lower back issues. A combination of living an overweight lifestyle and poor posture … [Read more...]

Hydro Flask Review


The Hydro Flask keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks...hot! I recently had the chance to test out the latest Hydro Flask design and enjoyed using it to stay hydrated throughout the day. Hydro Flask is vacuum insulated which prevents outside temps from affect what's going on inside. Cold drinks stay cold (up to 24 hours) and hot drinks stay hot (up to 12 hours). It's … [Read more...]

Hillsound FreeSteps6 Review


Think twice before going for a run on the treadmill this winter. With Hillsound FreeSteps6 winter spikes, runners no longer have to be confined to the indoors for icy, snowy weather. In this review, I'll cover the following key features of the FreeSteps6: Stainless steel chains and spikes Elastomer Harness Crampon heel Peformance FreeSteps6 Out-of-the-box The … [Read more...]

Armpocket Sport i-25 Armband Review


The Armpocket Sport  i-25 armband fixes the problem of what to do with your wallet and keys when you go running. Not only does it allow you to carry your valuables but it's a comfortable armband. With Sport i-25, it's possible to have functionality and comfort when running. In this review of Armpocket's Sport i-25 I'll look at the smartband out of the box and on the road. If … [Read more...]