super.natural Baselayer Review


Planning on running year round? Then you need to prepare for the toughest parts of the year like winter. With super.natural's line of baselayers you can run in comfort during the coldest temperatures of the year. Runners should always take baselayers seriously. Under prepare for the elements and running all the sudden isn't so much fun. Have the right gear for the right time … [Read more...]

Know Your Tech: Compression Apparel for Runners

You might have seen the bright colored socks, tights, or sleeves either on a recent run or race. That's compression apparel and it's not necessarily about fashion but rather function. If you've found yourself wondering if compression apparel is right for your running, then this post will help answer: How does compression apparel work for a running performance? How can it … [Read more...]

Illuminated Safety Devices for Runners

Runner safety is always a hot topic. Not everyone is afforded the time to run during the day. You should be considering  illuminated safety devices if you haven't already. I came across two Kickstarter projects that have an interesting take on reflective gear. Halo Belt 2.0 This illuminated belt gives runners visibility and safety at a new level. Complete with a custom LED … [Read more...]

Breath Thermo Analsyis

When I wrote my series "Building the Nanotech Runner" I really didn't anticipate seeing some of the innovations I predicted to be market ready. With Mizuno's Breath Thermo technology, runners can convert the moisture they create and turn it into heat. Not exactly using nanotechnology but the idea is certainly there. Mizuno describes: Breath Thermo is a remarkable … [Read more...]

Adidas Climalite Underwear Review

You blog about running long enough and you get to a point that you start looking for any kind of edge possible. I've reviewed shirts, shoes, apps, and plenty of gadgets. Today, I'm getting out of my comfort zone and focusing on underwear - Adidas Climate underwear (there is a difference!). It's worth quickly mentioning how I came across this Climalite underwear. This past … [Read more...]