Running Gloves Review

The winter has left me digging deep into my drawers and closet for warm clothes for running. There was a time (maybe the summer :-) where I could roll out of bed grab a shirt and shorts then go for a run. I miss those days. Now living in the Chicago area for most of my life, the winter comes as no surprise. You know its coming. You think you're tough enough for it. Then it's … [Read more...]

Be Seen in these High-Visibility Running Jackets

If you run in the dark, be it in the morning or at night, safety is a concern anytime you leave the house. Cars aren't always looking for runners. High visibility running jackets are great solution to this problem. The brands mentioned today are the top of the list when it comes to reflective wear. Whether you run in a quiet neighborhood or along a busy street in the dark, you … [Read more...]