Create a Story of Your Day’s Activity with the Moves App


Interested in fitness tracking but don’t want to spend a lot money on a fitness tracker? The Moves app is a great way to track your fitness, steps, and calories. It’s a simple and easy way to introduce small changes into your life just by viewing how you go about your day. This free app provides a story line of your life. Just like a diary, Moves records the when, where, and … [Read more...]

How to Get the Best GPS Signal for Your Running App

For all my friends that run with a smart phone, you no doubt lean on a good GPS signal to track your running. Whether you're an urban, suburban, or rural runner (am I missing any others?) getting the best GPS signal for your running is critical. I've been duped by a bad GPS signal before. I ran the Soldier Field 10 Mile two years ago and tracked along the way. I had a poor … [Read more...]

BattleSuit Runner: Story Running App Review

Running with music helps keep training fun and motivation high. What happens when music loses some of its influence on your running? If your workouts start become flat or boring, then consider story running as an alternative. Story running is an interesting mix of fiction, gamification, and music. It’s a fun way to workout and renew your interest in running. In the post, I’ll … [Read more...]

Runtastic Mobile App Review

Runtastic offers a number of different sports that useres can leverage in their mobile app experience. For runners, the Runtastic mobile app experience offers feature rich experience at the free and pro level. Runtastic Mobile App Free Like a number of free mobile apps for running the features for Runtastic measure up similarly: Map workouts in real-time Create a history … [Read more...]

Nike Plus Mobile App Review

There seems to be a love/ hate relationship with the Nike Plus mobile app. Most of the love looks like its tied to the feature rich nature of the app. The hate looks like its tied to inconsistency of the GPS function. Where does this app really stand? Is this the right app for you? I spent some time with the app over the course of a number of runs. For the most part, I had a … [Read more...]