Strava Mobile App Review

The Strava mobile app falls into the category of "just give me the app and let's run!" This is a refreshing app to run with because it's not over-engineered and the controls are very accessible while running. The Strava mobile app caters more to the athlete. That's not to say if you're new to running you can't use it, but the app stresses the "steak" not the "sizzle". If you … [Read more...]

Ghost Race Pro Mobile App Review

Sometimes the best competition is yourself when it comes to running. Certainly with mobile apps you can measure and track your progress, but how about compete? This Ghost Race Pro mobile app review will evaluate the benefits of competing against yourself and if the app measures up to improve your running. This app has a bit of an edge to it. If you're looking for something … [Read more...]

RunKeeper Mobile App Review

In this RunKeeper mobile app review, I found a much different experience than with other running mobile apps. RunKeeper looks like it’s been refined to the point that it really understands the runner, and not the runner understanding the app. RunKeeper provides a number of valuable features that all start with the home screen. You’re greeted with an immediate “New Activity”. … [Read more...]

Endomondo Mobile App Review for Runners

This Endomondo mobile app review is focused for runners. The app crosses over to a number of activities, but I chose to review this app from a runner's perspective. What's worth noting is that any distance based activity is fair game for this app (i.e. cycling, walking). What learned right away with this app is that there is a free version and the premium version. If you … [Read more...]

React Mobile App Review

Running safety made simple is an approach every runner should have. An easy, repeatable process can provide peace of mind to you and those close to you every time you go for a run. Today's post feature's an app that every runner should activate before leaving the house. Here's a quick story about the importance of running safety and why it shouldn't be overlooked. My wife … [Read more...]