RipTunes MP-1898 MP3 Player Review


I recently moved away from using my Google Play music app to MP3 player. Now the move might look counterintuitive at first because I’m the running tech guy. MP3 are old news, right? Not at all! If you listen to music while running then this RipTunes MP-1898 review is for you. I’ve run regularly with my smartphone for years. When I switched over to a GPS running watch, I … [Read more...]

Fitbit Surge Review: Super Watch or Super Dud?


Ready to take activity tracking to a new level? Well if you want to take your wearable technology beyond just tracking calories burned and steps, the the Fitbit Surge is worth consideration. The Surge just isn’t the latest line of activity trackers from Fitbit - it’s a game changer. For runners that appreciate wearable technology, the GPS tracking and heart rate monitoring … [Read more...]

Garmin Vivosmart Review


The Garmin Vivosmart is a feature rich activity tracker that runners will appreciate both on the road and off. Whether you’re a tech savvy runner or runner looking to actively track your day, here’s how Vivosmart can work for you. Out of the box I’ve reviewed the Vivofit and loved the fact that it was ready to use right out of the box. With the Vivosmart it needed to be … [Read more...]

super.natural Baselayer Review


Planning on running year round? Then you need to prepare for the toughest parts of the year like winter. With super.natural's line of baselayers you can run in comfort during the coldest temperatures of the year. Runners should always take baselayers seriously. Under prepare for the elements and running all the sudden isn't so much fun. Have the right gear for the right time … [Read more...]

Kahtoola Nanospikes Review


If the snow is preventing you from getting miles in this winter, checkout Kahtoola Nanospikes. Runners will appreciate the smart design of these snow spikes. They're lightweight, easy to take on and off, and get the job done. When I first heard about the Nanospikes, I loved the idea of a smaller spike to run in. The problem that the Nanospikes solve is that they work great … [Read more...]