Under Armour Speedform Apollo Review


Under Armour's Speedform Apollo is a lightweight, precision fit, and fast running shoe. From the moment you lace up, the shoe wraps itself around your foot providing a comfortable and responsive feel. In this review, I'll share with you my thoughts on the Speedform Apollo, who this shoe is made for, and where you can find it. Speedform Apollo: Out of the Box The … [Read more...]

Reebok ZJet Review: Maximum Cushioning and Flexibility for Runners


Interested in a running shoe that provide maximalist feel and flexbility? The Reebok ZJet delivers both while keeping a responsive ride and dynamic fit. I came across the Reebok ZJet at an interesting time. I had experimented with neutral shoes for the sole purpose of speed workouts. The end result meant less support but more responsiveness. I thought it might be tough … [Read more...]

Under Armour Spine Clutch Review


My boys have hit the phase where the word "cool" is used for everything. At ages 5 and 2, I'm not sure they really understand what cool really means - maybe my 5 year old. Cookies - cool. Playing outside - cool. The set of Knight action figures and castle - cool. Taking a bath instead of a shower - cool. When I started testing out Under Armour's Spine Clutch, my boys called … [Read more...]

7 Great Running Shoes for Wide Feet

People with wide feet don't always get the respect they deserve. That's my take recently. I became a pretty ardent supporter of Pearl Izumi's M2 because of its light weight and solid stability. What I didn't realize was just how narrow it was. Now at first I thought the shoe was - well - tight. I rationed to myself, "I just need to break them in." I did or at least I thought … [Read more...]

ZQuick Review

Interested in a shoe that’s responsive, lightweight, and quick? You need to consider the Reebok ZQuick. I was fortunate enough to win a pair for ZQuick’s from a contest held by Bonnie Pfiester’s PFit Blog. Quick aside, if you’re not following Bonnie’s blog sign up today. She covers great health and fitness topics, recipes, workouts, and reviews. I highly recommend her 31 … [Read more...]