Unlock the Power of Wearable Technology for Running

Wearable technology for running gives elite and recreational runners a lot of information towards achieving a goal or hitting that PR. Many us of turn to technology to know more about our running, but it that's easier said (or written) than done. If you're into self-tracking, quantified self, or just want to achieve a goal, wearable technology enables us to get really … [Read more...]

OMsignal Smart Shirt Review

While the activity tracker market continues to find itself, the smart fabric market continues to make progress. OMsignal is the latest smart fabric to impact the wearable tech market. In the post, I'll provide you with an overview of OMsignal and how it can enhance your running. What is OMsignal? OMsignal is a compression shirt that aids in increasing performance and biometric … [Read more...]

Amazon’s Wearable Technology Store Is Your New One-Stop Shop

Shopping for wearable technology just got easier with the announcement of Amazon's Wearable Technology store. This dedicated store services all your wearable tech needs: smartwatches, activity trackers, healthcare devices, and wearable cameras. There's even something for the cat or dog? I'm sure it's completely necessary. This store is no different from any other supported … [Read more...]

What’s Next for Wearable Tech?

No doubt Nike's exit of the FuelBand had other wearable tech companies wondering about the future of their market. Usually, when a competitor leaves a market, that could be a good thing for a company. While there could be more market share to take up, the ripple effect might beg the question: what's the future of the activity tracker market? A Mixed Signal If you're Fitbit or … [Read more...]

TomTom Runner Cardio Preview

The TomTom Runner Cardio brings impressive tracking to the GPS watch market. The watch hosts a number of features that make it easy for it to be a runner's only device. Here's a quick look at what the TomTom Runner Cardio can do: Information display includes Indoor modes for treadmill use (I could've used this winter) Lightweight and slim design QuickGPSFix … [Read more...]