30 Days of Discipline Review


Are you in need of a change? Is life just a series of motions at this point? If you're answering yes, then it's time for 30 Days of Discipline. 30 Days of Discipline is an e-book written by Victor Pride of Bold and Determined. I've been following Victor's blog for over a year now and find his message refreshing, honest, and always relevant. His e-book takes his Bold and … [Read more...]

The Myth of Perfection


The myth of perfection is a strong one to break. There's a desire to have everything in place, be in charge, and, well, perfect. Presenting yourself to other people as perfect is a tough act to keep up. You can show a front that's never out of order or messy. Always say the right thing, have the right answer, have a quick joke, know everything about anything. It's a lot of … [Read more...]

The Power of Surrender

The Power of Surrender

What holds you back? What do you fear? There’s a desire inside of you for something more, something better. What gets in the way? Why can’t you move forward? What are you holding onto? Is it your past? Change? Struggle? Failure? What is the fear that’s stopping you from achieving what you want? All this fear and anxiety of what you were and what has failed you can … [Read more...]

Rebecca Rusch: Rusch to Glory


Lately I enjoy reading about athletes, runners in particular. I'm curious about the mindset, the winner's mindset. The mental toughness to persevere is an interesting quality and more interesting is how it is developed. I've read some pretty good features in Runner's World, but when I was offered a chance to Rebecca Rusch's Rusch to Glory I knew I could get some great … [Read more...]

Embrace the Suck


I joined a running club in my town and really like it. All levels of runners participate and regularly meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I'm only a couple of weeks in but already feel like a better a runner because of it. I think it's the pacing that I like more than anything. When I check my running stats, I don't see wild swings in my splits. The group knows how to handle … [Read more...]