10 Inspiring Tips to Help You Run Your Next Race Like a Champion


        Michael Jordan, Derek Jeter, John Elway, Meb Keflezighi, Lebron James - what do they all have in common? They always compete like champions and have the champion mindset to back it up. How did they achieve a winning mentality? It didn't happen overnight and it didn't come easy. It took practice and persistence.  There was plenty of … [Read more...]

The Hero’s Journey of a Born Again Runner


People fall out of running for a number of reasons: injuries, time, motivation, or a whole host of others. Eventually, some find their way back to running. Maybe it's a short experience, or it's a permanent one. As a born again runner, I've learned that why you stopped running is not nearly as important as why you start running again. Maybe you're finding this post because … [Read more...]

Sun Tzu and The Art of War


If you've never read the Art of War by Sun Tzu, I highly recommend it - it's a great read. Much of the book deals with strategies in war, but the lessons transcend to business, leadership, personal development, sports, or just life. There are a number of versions you can read that offer interpretations of Sun Tzu's teachings, but try reading the unfiltered text first. You can … [Read more...]

You Only Live Twice


This Running Warrior Mindset installment comes an Ian Fleming novel (also a movie starring Sean Connery). "You Only Live Twice" has James Bond in Japan on diplomatic mission during the Cold War. It doesn't take long for Bond to find trouble or trouble finding him.   There's a scene in the novel with Bond reflecting his life. To this point, he experienced the loss of … [Read more...]