Making Time to Run While on Vacation – Running San Diego


Running San Diego is part of a series where I write about cities I visit and my time running in them. Check out Running New Orleans on how I balanced traveling for business and running. My wife and I are year-round runners and love the chance to run while traveling. For a recent family trip to San Diego we spent our time with family, fun, sun, and miles. Before I get into … [Read more...]

I’m Running the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon


For the last couple of years, I kicked around the idea of running a marathon. Every year I find a good excuse not to do it: I’m injured, I’m not ready, I need to lose more weight , [insert bad excuse here]. Instead of finding another reason not to run a marathon, I pulled the trigger and registered for the Milwaukee Lakefront marathon. I’m not injured, I’m as ready as I’m … [Read more...]

Making Time to Run on Business Trips: Running New Orleans

Running New Orleans

Whether its in your neighborhood or on the streets of say...New Orleans, running can be done anywhere and at any time. This is what I love about running and always eager to run when travelling for business or for fun. I recently had a three day business trip down to the Big Easy and took my running gear with me. I traveled to New Orleans before but this would be my first … [Read more...]

Running slow and loving it


Ever feel like you've uncovered a really well kept secret? That's how I feel when I discovered the importance running slow. That's right: s-l-o-w. Right now, I'm logging about 20-23 miles a week and 80% of them are run at a pace slower than my 10K PR pace. To be a little more specific, I'm running about a minute to a minute and half slower. I'm loving it! I used have this … [Read more...]

Can the Oatmeal Make Running Funny? (Hint: Yes!)


Running is an intense sport. From the elites to the weekend warriors, we're a serious bunch. With all that seriousness, there has to be something funny about running, right? I'm not referring to the common running issues of ill-timed bodily functions during race (still kind of funny though). I mean real humor in running. Such a thing does exist. Familiar with Matthew Inman? … [Read more...]