Achilles Tendonitis: The Latest Addition to My Unintentional Running Injury Bucketlist


If we played running injury poker, my hand would be a three of a kind. IT band syndrome, plantar fasciitis, and achilles tendonitis make a pretty tough hand to beat. What do you think? Unfortunately, there are no winners in running injury poker. The only reason I'm able to come up with such a game is that I'm getting over achilles tendonitis. Of all the running injuries I've … [Read more...]

A Saturday Morning at My Local Running Store


One of the best assets for a runner is a local running store. These locations are the life-blood to the local running community. From races to knowledge sharing to shoes, local running stores provide a custom view on running that runners should embrace. Still wondering what's so great about a local running store? Here are five reasons: Great customer service: your local … [Read more...]

Counter-Intuitive Tips on How to Shop for Beginner Running Shoes


I received an email the other day from a new reader wanting to know what are the best beginner running shoes. Answer: no idea. I don’t have an answer because every runner is different. Every runner’s stride is different, every foot strike is different, and everyone’s body is different. To suggest that one beginner running shoe fits all would be lying. The truth about … [Read more...]

The Hero’s Journey of a Born Again Runner


People fall out of running for a number of reasons: injuries, time, motivation, or a whole host of others. Eventually, some find their way back to running. Maybe it's a short experience, or it's a permanent one. As a born again runner, I've learned that why you stopped running is not nearly as important as why you start running again. Maybe you're finding this post because … [Read more...]

A Must Watch Video: Is Technology Making Us Faster?

Well, score one for technology - kind of. In this TED talk by David Epstein, he answers the question if athletes today are getting faster, better and stronger? Technology plays an important part in today's development of an athlete, but it's not the only part. In the video you'll learn the other surprising factor influencing athletes and specifically runners. From endurance … [Read more...]