4 Steps to a Good Running Form

running formA couple weeks ago I wrote a post about running form and biomechanics and the confusion and (or) mystery on the proper way to run. This week I came across an excellent online resource called Good Form Running. This information does a great job boiling down some of the confusion mentioned a couple of weeks ago.

I spent some time and read through the website but primarily watched the videos on running form. They’re easy to watch, short, and very insightful. I couldn’t ask for a better how-to then this series of videos. The content is presented in a very straightforward fashion. There isn’t any running jargon so it’s easy to process the information.

I learned four key concepts from Good Form Running:

  1. Posture: Stand tall and keep arms and shoulders relaxed
  2. Mid-foot strike: Entire should land softly and under hip line
  3. Cadence: Target 180 steps a minute (seems like a lot but the concept is a shorter, efficient stride)
  4. Body Lean: Lean at the ankles and not at the waist

Hard to believe that a good running form comes down to four simple principles. I’m eager to try this out as a I pursue my 2013 goal of pain-free running.

I’ve made some progress but lately the forefoot strike created uncomfortable heel pain. Possibly plantar fasciitis, but that’s my self-diagnosis. With stretching and ice I’ve been able to mitigate this pain. I went for a run this Saturday and felt OK but not great. I experienced some soreness but by Sunday I felt much better.

With the knowledge I’ve picked up from Good Form Running, I’m anticipating a direction towards an efficient and natural running form. With this new found and easy to understand content, my hopes of achieving a good running form feel very attainable.

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