Illuminated Safety Devices for Runners

Runner safety is always a hot topic. Not everyone is afforded the time to run during the day. You should be considering  illuminated safety devices if you haven’t already. I came across two Kickstarter projects that have an interesting take on reflective gear.

Halo Belt 2.0

This illuminated belt gives runners visibility and safety at a new level. Complete with a custom LED fiber optic system and leveraging 3M elastic, Halo Belt 2.0 can be customized to help all sizes of  runners.


Available in orange, red, green, and blue the Halo Belt 2.0 glows when no light source is available on a early morning/ night run.


The Halo Belt 2.0 is  interesting take but looks little limited. Just a belt for a light source doesn’t seem like nearly enough coverage. Depending on the power of the LEDs, I have to think that the light dispersal is pretty strong. Also factor in the rechargeable batteries which I’m sure this belt chews up energy even with LEDs.


 Glowfaster Smart Jacket

This jacket is a little more my style. We’ve got some true wearable technology at work here. The Glowfaster jacket lights up as your running and reports out on your heart rate and if your’re meeting your target speed.


Leverage the mobile app to sync up with the jacket via bluetooth. This allows you to capture feedback and stay motivated. I was a little disappointed that they’re just getting around to developing an Android app. Enjoy the iPhone app if you’re on that side of the fence.



I like the design of the jacket. This is the type of illuminated safety device I was hoping to see in the market. Something subtle and still stylish. The light it disperses looks to be enough but maybe not as bright as the Halo Belt. I’m still stuck on the fact that there’s wearable tech woven into the design. I think this extends the usefulness of the jacket for runners.

Final Thoughts on Illuminated Safety Devices

The driving influence for this post was actually due to the Glowfaster smart jacket. It reminded me of my Nanotech Runner series and got me thinking about the future of running some more. Glowfaster is nice next step. What I look forward to seeing is more running apparel addressing runner needs.

Staying safe is really important but so is staying warm. While you’re at so is biofeedback. This is kind of snowballing into a nanotechnology solution. We’re still years away from the solution I envision, but it’s still fun to see us get closer.

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