5 Benefits of Interval Training for Runners and 5 Apps to Help

Looking for a great way to change your running routine? Consider interval training if you haven’t already. The benefits are many and can certainly renew your interest in your training if you have wanted to shake things up.


Interval training is (not just for running for any sport) short bursts intensity followed by slow recovery periods. Greatist came up with really excellent infographic of everything you want to know about interval training. Check it out:

The Complete Guide to Interval Training

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Plenty of good information to consider if your considering adding interval training to your running training plan. Still not sure if interval training is right for you? Let’s run through some of the benefits.

5 Benefits of Interval Training

1. An efficient workout when your short on time. When I know I’m strapped on time but want to get a good workout in I turn interval training. It delivers what I need and still has me running.

2. Calories burned. If your running to lose weight than this fits in great to your training plan. The intensity level of interval training challenges your body and requires more recovery time compared to that of a consistent endurance run.

3. No equipment necessary. Perfect workout when you’re travelling. Interval training can be done anywhere especially if you venture out beyond running and focus on body weight exercises (think mountain climbers, lunges, etc. combined with running).

4.  Increase production of your own human growth hormone. “It has been shown that blood levels of Human Growth Hormone increase dramatically during and following HIIT training sessions.”

5. Challenging form of exercise. Short of breath and feeling pain but you definitely wont get bored with interval training. The constant change of low to high burst of energy prove to be challenging. Think about it, just when you body recovers it’s time for another burst of energy. The anticipation drives me crazy sometimes and I love it!

So now that you’re all about interval training maybe you’re looking to get coached too. You could just use a wrist watch and set up intervals that way or you could leverage technology to give a hand.

5 Apps to Help You with Interval Training

1. Interval Run: Guides you through vocal feedback as you progress through each interval.
2. iSmooth Run: Interval training is just one of the many training plans available on this app. Great for indoor and outdoor use.
3. Seconds: Nice straight forward app devoted to interval training that allows you to create custom interval plans and assign music.
4. RunMeter: An app that’s on figured for running but versatile enough for cycling and walking. The interval feature is very customizable.
5. Runtastic: Interval training is one of many training plans offered in this app that goes on to coach you as well.

What are you experiences with interval training? Have you adopted a particular app in your training? Drop a comment and join the conversation!

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