LEO: The Rise of the Intelligent Fitness Wearable

Change is coming to wearable technology. No longer will devices provide passive information, but instead they’ll become intelligent and proactive for runners (or fitness in general). One of the devices that is standing out is LEO, an intelligent fitness wearable that monitors and coaches.


Meet LEO

This isn’t like any other wearable that you wear on your wrist. By leveraging biosignals form your body, LEO can help optimize your workouts by offering real-time recommendations by measuring:

  • Muscle activity
  • Fatigue
  • Heart rate
  • Lactic acid
  • Hydration
  • Calories
  • Technique

In addition to optimizing workouts, LEO can help you avoid injury. By using algorithms to predict potential injuries, LEO can make recommendations that allow you to make changes…real-time.


The Rise of Intelligent Fitness Technology

LEO provides a real unique approach to wearable computing:

  • Intelligent Sensing: Bio-signals make the best recommendations based your physiology and performance. How is this different from wearables already on the market? LEO measures your movements while other devices track their movements. There is no one-size-fits-all. You’re unique in how you train and LEO captures that.


  • Intelligent Feedback: Simple and ready to use data that can be applied at all level of athletic performance. Whether you want raw data or guidance, LEO is flexible and coaches you to understand via an app. You’ll be able to draw better conclusions about your performance to make the best training decisions possible.


  • Adaptive: With each work out, LEO learns to help improve performance. By monitoring, goals are set that are relevant to your fitness level.


LEO and Hardware

Forget the devices that occupy your wrist. LEO is a LegBand that is made of breathable, compression type material to provide comfort while training. Also, with the LegBand, you can measure more accurately than a wrist worn device. Using adaptive sensors, LEO goes well beyond just counting steps and calories.


Where to find out more?

An Indiegogo campaign just launched this week. You can learn more about this revolutionary device by clicking here.

Also, be sure to check back on this site for more updates.


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