Misfit Shine Review: A Pretty Wearable with not much Personality

The Misfit Shine reminds me of some girls I dated before I met my wife – pretty but not much personality.

Lately, I’ve been kind of sour on wearable technology – you can read about my issues with wearable technology here. On paper (or screen) the Misfit Shine had all the attractive features a runner could want: easy to use, sleek design, and durable. As I’ll go on to explain, the Shine falls short for a someone who wants more out of a device.

In this post I’ll review what I found about the Misfit Shine (can technology be pretty and dumb?) and advise if this is really a device right for runners (will it advance your training and leave you wanting more). Most importantly, did the Misfit Shine and I find happiness?

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Misfit Shine Out of the Box

I ordered the Shine from Amazon and for less the $100 I had a pretty cool looking fitness tracker – kind of like a cheap date.


The way the Shine appeared on the screen and out of the box matched. I wasn’t disappointed by what was delivered. It pretty much ready to go as soon as I opened the box – zero drama.




Out of the box the Shine is really just a silver disc (available in a few different colors). You can wear it as a necklace, watch, or clip-on. So far the Shine gets points for being universal. It’s not designed for men or women, but that depends on what color you choose. Click here to see all the cool and odd colors offered.


Turning on the Misfit Shine was really easy – like less than 5 minutes easy. I’ve worked with other fitness tracker that aren’t easy to get up and running. With the Shine, you drop in the battery and that’s really it. I download the app and synced the two together and I was a ready to go.

Whatever your comfort level with technology, the Shine is easy for anyone to figure out. Hell, the instructions are so clear with pictures that it’s hard to mess up. You can always go to the website if you get stuck.


Wearing the Misfit Shine

I decided to wear the Shine as a watch. The disc has a snug fit with the sports strap and I never had any doubt that it would slip out. If the sports strap isn’t your thing, you can purchase other accessories like a necklace via Amazon.





I’ll get to the running with the Shine in a moment, but just wearing around the office or just out got me some strange looks. I assumed most people knew what the Misfit Shine was. I’ve seen it heavily advertised but I guess that depends on what you’re reading these days.


What probably piqued people’s interest about the Shine was that it was this silver disc on my wrist. “What does it do?” that’s the first thing people would ask. Telling them it tracked my activity seemed to underwhelm them. Beautiful design but all it did was track steps and sleep.


“But it also tells time,” was my follow up as I got defensive. Ugh, I was starting to question if I bought a glorified pedometer or not.

What the Misfit Shine Actually Does

We know that the Shine tracks activity from walking, running, cycling, swimming, and some other activities. With that activity comes the calories burned. I wish it did more…oh wait it does track sleep. And that’s it.

I read a review about the Shine that described it as a dumb device. Not like dumb as a bad idea, but dumb as in there’s not a lot of depth. I now agree. You’re actually paying for the looks not the function. No comment as to how it relates to my dating life before I got married.

There is one point of contention with the design and that’s the activity display. There’s no digital read out.

In order to see things like progress on steps or actually tell time you have to tap it. Tap it once for progress twice for the time. At first this seemed pretty cool until I was in meeting tapping the hell out of this thing to see what time it was. I knew some girls that probably could’ve benefited from this Shine feature to see if there was anything going on inside.


This was frustrating and not the experience I wanted from a fitness tracker. At this point, the Misfit Shine was very functional and simple but not much else. How well does it work for running? Let’s take a look.

Misfit Shine On the Road

If you like your tech minimal when you run, the Misfit Shine is right for you. Remember the tapping I mentioned above? That’s how you can view your progress but not much else. Even then the progress you’re receiving relates to your step goal.

The Shine is great if you’re not interested in interacting with it while running. If you’re really into steps and weight loss, I think the Shine is good investment at the price point.

If your training goals require some robust tracking, there are other devices on the market that will address this need. The Shine isn’t geared for runners (depending on your goals).

I picked up the Misfit Shine in the hopes that it would be a device that I could wear all day. It is that device but it really doesn’t support running like I would’ve hoped. I’m better off just using my Strava app for tracking my runs and still do.

Misfit Shine App

Any activity recorded via the Shine can be viewed on the app. Much like the device, the app is simple and easy to use. You can view your activity for the day or go back.



There’s an option to find friends and create a feed to see their activity. I don’t have any friends…that have the Misfit Shine.

The sleep tracking doesn’t provide a whole lot of information. You’ll only receive your total sleep and of that deep sleep. How much deeper you need to go on sleeping tracking might require another device, but for the Shine this is fine.


Final Thoughts

The makers of the Misfit Shine saw a need to bring style to the wearable tech market, but forgot to include substance. It is a dumb device. If you’re OK with its limitations, then you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s the thing, if wearable tech to you is supposed to be passive and behind-the-scenes, I recommend the Misfit Shine. If you’re a runner, swimmer, or cyclist, then invest your money elsewhere because this device falls short. You’re only paying for looks.

As for me, the Misfit Shine and I broke up. I rarely return anything I don’t like from Amazon but I was pretty annoyed with it’s operational features (or lack there of). From the outside, the Shine was unique, sleek, and durable but I wanted more. I rationalized that it was me not the Misfit Shine.

I’m sure there’s someone out there that will be a good fit. These people look happy.


If this review has dissuaded you from the Misfit Shine, check out Amazon’s Wearable Tech store. Maybe you find the device of your dreams there.


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