Create a Story of Your Day’s Activity with the Moves App

Interested in fitness tracking but don’t want to spend a lot money on a fitness tracker? The Moves app is a great way to track your fitness, steps, and calories. It’s a simple and easy way to introduce small changes into your life just by viewing how you go about your day.

This free app provides a story line of your life. Just like a diary, Moves records the when, where, and how much activity you have throughout the day. Instead of summarizing your day in numbers, Moves provides a clean narrative on how your day’s activity.

What makes Moves different from a lot of fitness trackers is that it runs on your smartphone (a device most people carry with them). As you go about your day, Moves is collecting information that you can view periodically or at the end of the day. Just be sure to charge your phone nightly, as Moves will take up some of your smartphone’s battery throughout the day.

An App for Runners?

As a runner, I found Moves easy and helpful. First, Moves would automatically detect when I started running. I didn’t need to initiate the app. Moves sensed movement and recorded my activity with decent but not great data. I’m used to getting pretty granular information from Strava, the app I use most often when running. Moves is a little light on the detail but gives you just enough to know how you did on a run.


If you’re new to running or just getting back into it, then Moves might provide the level detail that you’re looking for. It’s not overly analytical, but I found that to be a problem when I really wanted to dial in on a run for stats.




What Moves also provides is that extra motivation to keep….moving. My job has me at my desk most days so steps are a premium. With Moves, I see the steps I generate from running but see a big drop off throughout the balance of the day.

As I review my day, I can see my idol periods and make the appropriate adjustments to keep moving.

Other Moves features

With the auto-recognition of activity also comes the feature of mapping your activity. This great for any runner, biker, or walker. The always on feature removes the need to start and stop the app.

It’s also one less device to carry. What I love about wearable technology is also what frustrates me. Too much equipment makes me feel like I’m a cyborg while I’m running. That’s the benefit of running of Moves is that it’s not one more thing to prepare, charge, or find prior to a run.

If you have an interest in the self tracking and not sure where to get started, Moves is a great primer and it’s free. It can link to a number of other apps like MyFitnessPal (for iPhone users) and with the social media feature you can let others know how you’re moving.

Try Moves today for iOS or Android devices.

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