Nike Plus Mobile App Review

There seems to be a love/ hate relationship with the Nike Plus mobile app. Most of the love looks like its tied to the feature rich nature of the app. The hate looks like its tied to inconsistency of the GPS function. Where does this app really stand? Is this the right app for you?


I spent some time with the app over the course of a number of runs. For the most part, I had a positive experience but did notice a couple of things where I can see why folks could get annoyed with this app. This review will try to set the record straight so you can decide if its worth your time or not.

The Basics of the Nike Plus Mobile App

Initial impressions of this app is that it’s easy to use. From the moment I downloaded the app I was ready to go. You don’t get bombarded with all the sign-up steps most apps request, but its certainly ready to be filled out.


The Nike Plus mobile app is a friendly app. It wants to go for a run with you and coach you along. It wants to enhance your running experience so that it pulls you into its Nike world with NikeFuel and all things Nike. It’s a little heavy-handed at times, but I looked past it nor did it bother me too much. If you’re a loyal Nike Plus mobile app user today, then you already familiar with ongoing branding efforts.

You’ll find the interface clean (despite the branding) and fairly easy to operate while running. Now depending on your take of the buttons, you might feel a little slighted. It did leave me a little clumsy when I tried to pause a run (for traffic), but I considered this more of a learning curve.

Like many mobile apps for running I’ve reviewed, Nike Plus has features that provide a runner with a number of options to enhance their experience:

  • Music integration
  • Social sharing
  • Running statistics (both while running and after)
  • Audio feedback for updates
  • Activity review
  • Find friends
  • Social challenges
  • Arm band orientation adjustments
  • Auto-pause


Configure your arm band so you can get a good view while running.


The Nike Plus mobile app is a robust tool that won’t you leave feeling underwhelmed by its offerings. But what separates it from the other running mobile apps? Let’s take a look.

How the Nike Plus Mobile App Can Raise Your Performance

Now there’s the Nike Plus mobile app experience you can use right away and start running – never give other parts a second look. If you’re able to play around with the app, you’ll discover some impressive and fun features.


Get cheered on by friends and family via the social cues when your pace begins to slow. It’s a nice boost especially when you’re looking for some connection when running alone. Running can be a very solitary sport for many of us because of time limitations. It would be great to always have a running group to belong to, but the reality is that we run at odd hours of the days sometimes. If you find yourself alone, leverage this social poke feature for a boost.


If you run with music, then you’re in for a treat. I already found the Nike Plus’ music integration pretty solid. A feature that completely makes sense if music is a motivator for you is the Power Song. When the app senses you’re losing steam on a run, it’ll kick over to the Power Song list and start cranking out a jam to get you going faster. The Power Songs are arranged by you and it’s easy to set up. Take a look at mine. Now I haven’t really shared too much about my musical tastes in past posts, but if you’re wondering about the type of music I listen to then this should provide you with a good idea.


Online Platform

The extension of the app is the online platform where you can really sink your teeth into your running data. Set goals, view maps, connect with friends, view graphs and stats – there’s a lot you can do with the online piece. This is a great way to put your data to work and connect with other app users who share a similar experience.

A few things to consider about the Nike Plus Mobile App

The GPS issues that you’ll see in other reviews might come off as harsh, but I didn’t have any of those experiences. I put this app to the test with a trail run where I know it’s possible to get a weak signal. Having made this run a number of times, the signal held and the app responded. I didn’t lose any data when it came to distance and pace. I’m not dismissing the issues that are out there, but for what its worth, I felt that the app responded accordingly.

My issue with the app is more linked to the Nike Plus experience. It’s a Nike universe. You can sync up other Nike products like the FuelBand or iPod Nano. It’s a little too exclusive for my liking. I’m still loyal to Strava and enjoy the fact that it takes an app first perspective. I can’t seem to get past the Nike branding within the app. Maybe you’ll find it less of an issue, but it’s a mild annoyance in my experience.

Final thoughts on the Nike Plus Mobile App

For runners that look for motivation either socially or from music, Nike Plus has you covered. Join the community to better analyze your data and grow your social connections. The features are all positive and provide value added proposition to your run. If your loyal to the brand, then you’ll enjoy this app experience.

If you not loyal to the brand, but want a well rounded app, then Nike Plus still has something for you. If you can look past the branding, then you’ll be able get plenty of benefits to enhance your run.

Interested in download the Nike Plus Mobile app? Click here for iOS and here for Android.

What have been your experiences with the Nike Plus mobile app? Join the conversation and leave a comment.

Maybe this app didn’t do it for you, but you still want to look around. I reviewed a number of running mobile apps, learn more on what might be a good fit for you.

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