Rebecca Rusch: Rusch to Glory

Lately I enjoy reading about athletes, runners in particular. I’m curious about the mindset, the winner’s mindset. The mental toughness to persevere is an interesting quality and more interesting is how it is developed. I’ve read some pretty good features in Runner’s World, but when I was offered a chance to Rebecca Rusch’s Rusch to Glory I knew I could get some great insight.

Who is Rebecca Rusch?

If you’re not familiar Rebecca Rusch, then referring to her as just an athlete wouldn’t do her justice. Rusch is a profession athlete that has excelled in climbing, adventure racing, whitewater rafting, cross-country skiing, and mountain biking. Check out here bio here:

This is what I drew me to Rusch’s book – she excels has so many sports. In today’s sport culture, we celebrate the specialty athlete. The pitcher that can through 90+ miles an hour or the quarterback was with quick and a cannon of an arm. How about an athlete that has reached the pinnacle of more than one sport. There aren’t many and reading Rusch’s book you’ll find out what makes here unique, hard-working, and talented.

She’s set and broken a number of endurance records and her book recounts her path to elite status. I’m kind of glad I wasn’t that familiar with Rusch because I found her life fascinating especially her story about she even got into adventure racing in the first place.

Who’s this book for?

If you want to know what athletes go through when it comes to taking risks, overcoming setbacks, and adventure this is a good read. What I liked about Rusch’s book is that she’s an elite athlete that didn’t necessarily come from an elite athlete background. Watch ESPN or the Olympics and you discover athletes that have been born and bred since conception to become high-caliber athletes. Something about that to me makes it hard to relate too.

With Rusch, it was refreshing to read about someone who loved sports and found her way. She worked hard to overcome obstacles just to become a professional athlete. Her rise to elite status is an interesting one.

Adventure race enthusiasts will find this a good read as well. To be honest, it’s not my thing but I was won over by Rusch’s story. Adventure racing to me seemed kind of out there. I certainly consider it a sport but tough to grasp as a weekend warrior. With Rusch to Glory, there’s no pretense and the stories delivered made me understand why folks like Rusch take the chances that they do.

You’ll get stories that also go beyond acts of athleticism. Rusch faces her personal struggles, like we all do, and is open and honest about them. I think that’s why this book won me over. By the end, you’ll have made a connection with Rusch through her stories, struggles, and accomplishments.

If you’re looking for a read about an athlete that takes a different path to greatness, check out Rusch to Glory. Her stories will win you over and get to think differently about challenges and risks.

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