RipTunes MP-1898 MP3 Player Review

I recently moved away from using my Google Play music app to MP3 player. Now the move might look counterintuitive at first because I’m the running tech guy. MP3 are old news, right? Not at all! If you listen to music while running then this RipTunes MP-1898 review is for you.

I’ve run regularly with my smartphone for years. When I switched over to a GPS running watch, I stopped using running apps. The next step was to determine if I need to also listen to music on my smartphone.

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I considered the idea of using an MP3 player but concerned about space and ease of use. I didn’t want to be limited to a handful of songs. Plus, I didn’t want some onerous process every time I wanted to upload music. I came across the RipTunes MP-1898 and my concerns were quickly addressed.


By the end of this review you’ll see why the RipTunes MP-1898 shrewd training decision for your running.

RipTunes MP-1898 Out of the Box

The folks at RipTunes provided me a samples of the MP-1898 and when it arrived I was impressed with how small it was compared to my Moto X. This is a good thing because it weighs less which means its also less obtrusive while run.


At 6.8 x 6.2 x 1.9 inches and 8.8 ounces the MP-1898 is compact MP3 player with plenty of memory at 8GB. Plus, if you need more memory there’s an expansion slot. I found the 8GB to be plenty.


I thought the display was crisp and easy to read. It’s small at 1.8 inches but I’m not straining to read it.


There are a few other features that I wasn’t interested in but are nice to haves in my world: video and photo playback and built in FM radio.

The MP-1898 runs on a rechargeable battery that’s good enough. I pretty much charge it weekly. I only had die on me once and that was my challenge to see how long I can without a recharge and made it to 8 days. Now this varies based on length of use and frequency while running.

RipTunes MP-1898 On the Run

This was the fun part of the review because once I uploaded my music and charged battery I was ready to run.

If you’re playing only MP3s, it’s straightforward. Go to your music and press play. However, if you want to shuffle your music selection (because it will play A-Z by song title), this is a little nuanced.

The directions to shuffle aren’t very intuitive. You have start playing music, then change your settings. I thought this was a pain but once I knew what to do, not that big of deal.

What I liked most about running with the RipTunes MP-1898 is the weight. It doesn’t feel like another piece of gear. Other than toggling to other songs, I didn’t even notice the MP3 player. In my opinion with all the other gear I have sometimes, it’s nice to have a something doesn’t scream it’s heavy or taking up space.

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Playback on the MP-1898 is reliable. It’s easy to control the volume and get consistent sound that ideal for running. I didn’t notice any drop off in performance compared to my Moto X. If anything, I think the playback is slightly enhanced.

Final Thoughts

The RipTunes MP-1898 is great way to listen to music while running. Its a size and weight features lends itself to be solid training partner. If you can run without a smartphone, then consider the RipTunes MP-1898.

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