I’m Running the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

For the last couple of years, I kicked around the idea of running a marathon. Every year I find a good excuse not to do it: I’m injured, I’m not ready, I need to lose more weight , [insert bad excuse here].

Instead of finding another reason not to run a marathon, I pulled the trigger and registered for the Milwaukee Lakefront marathon. I’m not injured, I’m as ready as I’m going to be, and I’ll manage my weight as I go (not that it’s that bad to begin with).

I’m done with excuses and ready to train for a marathon.

Why the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon?

I originally had my sights set on running the Chicago Marathon but received some insight from seasoned marathoners to avoid Chicago.

First, the size of the field is over 40,000 runners. That’s huge and overwhelming especially for a first timer. I’ve run in some large half marathons where it took a long time to actually run from the start gate. Chicago might be the same experience.

If I come out of this marathon experience with desire to try again, maybe Chicago will be on my list.

The Milwaukee marathon has a field capped at 3,500 runners. This feels much more manageable and will allow me to develop a rhythm and pace – that’s my theory for now.

The other reason I chose Milwaukee for my first marathon is that I love Milwaukee. My family and I head up to Milwaukee at least once a year for one reason or another. Summerfest, Brewers baseball, or just a long weekend – Milwaukee’s a great city to visit!

Training for the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

There are a ton of marathon training plans out there and each one of them offers a different take on marathon prep. I came across the Hanson’s Marathon Method via Lovingontherun.com and decided to give it a read.

I found the Hansons Marathon Method to be very applicable and the concept aligns with my marathon goal: finish and still want to do another marathon. I first checked it out at my local library then went to Amazon and purchased a copy of mine.

I plan on reviewing the Hanson’s Method but kind of need that marathon thing completed first – so look for a review mid-late October.

At a high level, the Hanson’s Method is focused on cumulative weekly mileage rather than living for the long run. The longest run in the whole training plan is 16 miles. I get a lot of raised eyebrows with that statement. While 16 miles  might the longest run, I’ll be logging plenty of miles to prepare – not just in one workout.

Training starts at the beginning of May. I plan to write regularly on how training develops so sign up for email list, follow me on Facebook, or Twitter updates. Stay tuned!

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