Running Playlist for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees: KISS and Nirvana

The Rock and Roll of Fame Induction Ceremony took place on April, 10. It wasn’t available for public viewing unless you were at the event, but it’ll air on HBO on May, 31. Makes sense, rights? Fans follow bands for year:  pay lots of money for cassettes, CDs, mp3, iTunes, concert tickets, t-shirts and yet what should be a big deal has to wait month and half to really celebrate. This post isn’t a rant about how flawed the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is so I’ll get down from my digital soapbox.

I want to honor two of my favorite bands: KISS and Nirvana. I’ve compiled two playlists perfect for a run that also details each song’s beat per minute. These are my favorite songs from each band. You’ll find some well-known tracks and some pretty deep cuts (for the real fans). I love running with music so this was a really fun post to put together.


I discovered KISS well after they took of the make-up. I must’ve been about 8 years old (circa 1984) when I found “Dressed to Kill” in a record store (remember when you could buy records and cassettes?).  The cover art totally hooked me in. I didn’t even know what KISS sounded like but I was already a fan.

Panned by most critics, KISS never received the credit they deserved in the music industry despite selling over 40 million records in the US alone. Their touring efforts were and still are legendary. I’ve seen them twice and felt like I didn’t pay enough for the show – they are that good live.


I’m a fan of the make-up era and after. As with any band, KISS had their peaks and valleys. At their best they were electric. Once and while I’ll surf YouTube for KISS concert footage circa the mid-late 1970’s and still gets me going. The fire breathing, blood spewing, explosions, fireworks, and oh yeah, the music – it’s all a blast.

KISS Running Playlist

  • Calling Dr. Love (127 BPM)
  • Shout It Out Loud (138 BPM)
  • Deuce (131 BPM)
  • Parasite (126 BPM)
  • I Love it Loud (90 BPM)
  • Plaster Caster (137 BPM)
  • X-Ray Eyes (130 BPM)
  • Shock Me (127 BPM)
  • Let Me Go, Rock and Roll (131 BPM)
  • Heaven’s on Fire (124 BPM)


In the early 1990’s I was in full metal head mode. I was big on Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Guns n’ Roses. Primal screaming, monster guitar riffs, and frenetic drum beats – that was my appetite for destruction. Then I heard “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and I found a new way to listen music. Nirvana was edgier, angrier, and raw. I was hooked and Nirvana was a gateway into a new world of rock music (i.e. Pixies, Mudhoney, Melvins).


I loved the Seattle sound and Nirvana was the face of it. Unfortunately, they became way bigger than they should’ve been. Nirvana was forced to become a pop band but had a garage band mindset. Club shows were their natural habitat for performing, but the pressure to start filling arenas and become bigger was probably the beginning of the end.

It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t appreciate Nirvana’s contribution to music. They created a revolution that went well beyond what anyone could’ve imagined. Personally, I loved the fact they upset the rock apple cart. I only wish my kids get to experience something similar in their lifetime. Rock music today is safe and pretty vanilla, and it’s ripe for a new band to upend it.

Nirvana Running Playlist

  • Smells Like Teen Spirit (115 BPM)
  • Aneurysm (131 BPM)
  • On a Plain (133 BPM)
  • About a Girl (121 BPM)
  • Stay Away (82 BPM)
  • Dumb (109 BPM)
  • Very Ape (152 BPM)
  • Lithium (123 BPM)
  • Been a Son (154 BPM)
  • Come as you Are (119 BPM)
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  1. says

    I got to see Dave and Chris on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and then I went to the ceremony the next day where they did a fantastic set. Awesome Nirvana playlist (never got into KISS).

    • Chris Narbone says

      Hi Josh. Thanks for reading and commenting. I saw the same clip on YouTube but missed the performance. I’ll look it up. Check out some of those KISS tracks when you a chance!

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