Runtastic Mobile App Review

Runtastic offers a number of different sports that useres can leverage in their mobile app experience. For runners, the Runtastic mobile app experience offers feature rich experience at the free and pro level.


Runtastic Mobile App Free

Like a number of free mobile apps for running the features for Runtastic measure up similarly:

  • Map workouts in real-time
  • Create a history of workouts
  • Dashboard display for results and stats
  • Set goals for time and distance
  • Manual entry for workouts (i.e. treadmill)
  • Voiceover for stats while running

One of the more interesting aspects of this app is that is the social network feature. It connects with Facebook, Twitter, and surprisingly Google+ (which is a welcomed addition but only available for Android).

From a website perspective, you can leverage the full benefits of socializing your runs. Find friends or make new ones the options are available to you. Check out the Runstatic home page to get the whole experience.



Runtastic Mobile App Pro

So maybe the free version leaves you wanting more and that’s understandable if your training requires it. With the Runstatic mobile app Pro version you get the following:

  • Auto Pause
  • Color tracing that indicate changes in pace, elevation, etc.
  • Power song boost
  • Training goals and analysis
  • Interval training and coaching
  • Weather data
  • Ad free


These enhancements in the Pro version justify the $4.99 price tag. Whether you decided on the free or paid version of the Runtastic mobile app the user experience is a positive one. Let’s take a look.

Runtastic Mobile App User Interface

Your invited to get at it as soon as the app launches. Choose a basic workout, goal, or workout based on a set route. The options are laid out nicely and there’s no fumbling with getting started.


Now what makes Runtastic a little different is that you can choose from other activities like cycling, skating, cross-country skiing. This makes it a versatile app if you active in these areas. A nice to have which avoids downloading different apps.

Final Thoughts on the Runtastic Mobile App

Runtastic is one of the more highly downloaded apps for running. It’s a versatile experience full of features that provide runners with a number of ways to view running while in-use or post.

The Runtastic universe is worth stepping into as well. They’ve created a number of additional apps that go beyond running but also some hardware that should catch your attention. The benefit here is the integration. Apps and hardware in sync to provide the athlete a unique training experience.

Think Runtastic is right for you? Visit Runtastic now.

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