BattleSuit Runner: Story Running App Review

Running with music helps keep training fun and motivation high. What happens when music loses some of its influence on your running? If your workouts start become flat or boring, then consider story running as an alternative.

Story running is an interesting mix of fiction, gamification, and music. It’s a fun way to workout and renew your interest in running.

In the post, I’ll review BattleSuit Runner, a story running app sure to make running interesting.


Story Running Places You…in the Story

What better way to engage in a story than to be a part of it. And what better way to keep running than to have motivation. BattleSuit Runner leverages both. If your familiar with Zombies, Run! then you can appreciate how story running works.

This app came at good time. For 2014, my wife wanted me to get back to reading fiction. I’ve been pretty heavy into reading about running and personal development books that I lost my way a little. So while I’m not technically “reading”, I’m getting my science fiction fix.


From the beginning I was hooked. BattleSuit Runner has two of my favorite elements in science fiction: power armor and aliens. A little bit of Halo here, a dash of Iron Man there, and a pinch of Starship Troopers.

I’ve been thinking about getting into Halo series. They’ve been out for a while but I don’t know anyone personally who has. Drop a comment if you have for a quick review.

How BattleSuit Runner Works

With any story running app, you have to have some set-up. The story starts with you suiting up in a Delta suit. You are part of an elite commando squad outfitted in power armor.

You’re power armor is just configured and you’re in training. You run through a battery of tests…when there’s an attack on a nearby convoy. You go from trainee to full-on combat mode.

Earth has been locked into a long struggle with an alien race. For years, the war took place on other planets, but now the aliens have found Earth. Attacks on Earth have escalated and calls for brave commandos to suit up and take on this imminent threat known as Xenopods.

As a Delta suit runner you’re engaged missions to take on Xenopods and other missions. You’re armed with a suit that is engineered for stealth, power, and speed.

All the while you’re running. Where the challenge comes into play is Super Charging your armor. The story will direct to pick up your pace when in battle. When this happens (and you’ve reach critical mass), you’re able to unleash hell on a bunch of aliens.

This Super Charge mode can be adjusted in the app settings. Want to make the story challenging, raise the Super Charge mode from 30% to 50% forcing you run to faster by that much.


The music integration is blended in nicely. You get a little bit of story followed with a little bit of music. You’re not stuck on either one for too long. It’s also important to note a music playlist is required to activate the app.

BattleSuit Runner Quality

Here’s how to tell if this story running app is worth you hard earned money. It’s the plot and it is compelling for a couple of reasons:

  1. The voice overs are good. Not Oscar material but pretty good. I think this sells the story. If I’m in the story I want to be engaged. I want to be drawn into this BattleSuit Runner world. The actors aren’t campy or lifeless. It’s kind of like listening to an audio book (which I’ve done plenty of in the past).
  2. The story moves quickly. The first mission is a little slow because the ground work needs to laid out. After that, the story running takes off and so do you.
  3. One of the app developers is a former Naval Special Forces Squad Leader. I quickly understood why some of the military references, tactics, and weapon jargon sounded legit and not made up. As with any fiction it helps to have a little bit of reality to add some credibility.

Story App Best Practices

As with any story running app, BattleSuit Runner works best when you’re on the road running. I tried it on a treadmill and it works, but the GPS doesn’t allow for accuracy. It’s not the apps fault as most running apps are geared towards treadmills.


Make sure you’re in a light traffic area. When you’re in Super Charge mode especially be mindful. The traffic doesn’t know you’re listening to BattleSuit Runner.

Go to the workshop after each mission to build up your suit. As you complete a mission you receive iridium points to build different facets of your suit.


Final Thoughts

I played and review Zombies, Run! and really enjoyed that story running app. It’s good apocalyptic fun. BattleSuit Runner is the same caliber.

Probably one of the best parts of BattleSuit Runner is the cost. For $0.99 you can get an entertaining story and a good workout.

Ready to suit up? Download BattleSuit Runner today!

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  1. Martin says

    I know it’s been a few months since this review, but I was looking for information on Battlesuit Runner… I’m curious how many missions are available with the apps right now, and if more have been published since the release/review. Thanks!!

    • Chris Narbone says

      Hi Martin. Thanks for reading. Right now there are nine missions. I know the developer plans on adding more though. You can download for free and I think that gives you access to a couple of missions. Then you can purchase the app to access everything available.

      Have fun and thanks for dropping a comment.


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