Strava Mobile App Review

strava-mobile-app-reviewThe Strava mobile app falls into the category of “just give me the app and let’s run!” This is a refreshing app to run with because it’s not over-engineered and the controls are very accessible while running.

The Strava mobile app caters more to the athlete. That’s not to say if you’re new to running you can’t use it, but the app stresses the “steak” not the “sizzle”. If you appreciate that kind of development in your running apps, then you’ll enjoy Strava.

What the Strava mobile app offers

Let’s run down the list of features included:

  • Receive key stats like distance, pace, splits, elevation, and calories burned
  • Sync up with a heart rate monitor or Bluetooth sensor
  • Social media features allow you to challenge and follow friends as well as share your runs on Facebook and Twitter
  • A search option allows you to find places to run

How the Strava Mobile App Performs

My initial reaction to this app was how ready it was to go. There was little pretense (which I love) in firing up the app. There’s a pretty large circle placed in the middle of the screen to start and off you go.


While on my run, I chose to go with the readouts every half mile. It was a pleasant female voice the called out time, distance, and pace. That’s all I need or would want. Here’s probably my favorite part of the app: the voiceover is smooth. It doesn’t cut out or start and stop; the app just reads out your stats. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to want to get my stats and have the app sluggishly present the data.


The overall flow of the app is seamless. The ability to transition from starting to stopping is quick and then back again is fast too. The buttons are fairly easy to access and touch only once.


If you’re into website integration, then this is where Strava excels. The website complements the app very well. You can access your activity history as well as review your friends. The “Explore” feature provides a detailed map to create routes, or search for existing runs. If you’re thinking about this app take a look at what else the website offers.

Additionally, there’s a premium version that let’s access training plans and other quality features that enrich the use of this app.

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A couple things to consider about the Strava mobile app

When I mentioned above that Strava focuses more on the athletes, it’s due to the fact that certain features are missing. Music integration being the biggest one. The app functions fine while using my iTunes library, and there’s no conflict with the voiceovers.

There’s little customization within the display of the app. If you prefer to alter the color scheme, or document how you felt on the run, this app doesn’t offer that. It’s just something to consider if you’re into personalization.

Neither the music nor the lack of personalization is deal breaker for me. Strava is one of those apps where I find it hard to find something wrong with as it delivers the goods.

Final Thoughts on the Strava mobile app

What you’ll appreciate about this app is that it delivers a consistent experience with a look that is professional and clean. If you’re an athlete you’ll immediately see the advantage of training with this app. If  you fall into another category, you might want something a little more, but know that apps like Strava are at the top of the game for running mobile apps.

If you’re interested taking Strava for run, download it for iOS or Android today.

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