super.natural Baselayer Review

Planning on running year round? Then you need to prepare for the toughest parts of the year like winter. With super.natural’s line of baselayers you can run in comfort during the coldest temperatures of the year.

Runners should always take baselayers seriously. Under prepare for the elements and running all the sudden isn’t so much fun. Have the right gear for the right time of the year and you won’t miss a step in your training – even during the winter!

With super.natural they created a line of baselayers that use merino wool. This seems to be a new trend as I’m seeing more and more shirts that are more wool and less of the synthetic nature. My last two race shirts use similar material and no doubt coming to a race shirt near you.

The folks at super.natural provided me with a media sample of the LS Top 140 for this review.

super.natural-baselayer 140

At first fit, the super.natural baselayer feel a little funny. Might be because almost all of my shirts are synthetic. But this difference in feel is what makes running in the winter a little more comfortable. The super.natural baselayer is very breathable and cools nicely. Overall this is a pleasure to run in.

If we went back in time to thirty years ago, cotton was probably used heavily which presented a number of issues from comfort to cooling to moisture wicking. I can’t imagine what that might’ve felt like to log 10 miles in twenty degree weather in a soaked shirt. Now  is a great time to be a runner!

I’ve run in this baselayer for just over a month and washed too many times to count. I’m noticing that it doesn’t smell. Some of my short sleeve running shirts do carry a bit of a…funk to them. These used to be my baselayer or my idea of layering. Short sleeve as my base, sweat shirt over that, running coat over that. I was warm alright but very uncomfortable and a hot mess.

I’ve since moved away from that strategy to longer sleeves and material that cools and wicks sweat during the winter. The bonus with super.natural is that it holds up to keep me warm from the elements and cool from my body heat.

If you’re interested in the best kind of baselayer for your winter running, check out super.natural at You can also find them on Amazon at super.natural.

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