The Power of Surrender

What holds you back? What do you fear?

There’s a desire inside of you for something more, something better.

What gets in the way? Why can’t you move forward? What are you holding onto? Is it your past? Change? Struggle? Failure?

What is the fear that’s stopping you from achieving what you want?

All this fear and anxiety of what you were and what has failed you can mold you into something you’re not. Surrender it.

What you are now will only hold you back. Looking to the future means letting go of the past.

Surrender your weaknesses to survive, grow, and live.

Your weakness can make you strong if you know how to surrender it. Hold onto your weakness and it will destroy you.

Surrender the person you’ve become to grow into the person you want to be. Continue to stay the person you’ve become, and you’ll settle into mediocrity. Let go of the old you to grow.


The desire to be comfortable and perfect prevents you from true growth. Surrender it.

Strip away the comforts of a warm, familiar surrounding, and pleasure to realize the goals you set for yourself. Surrender it.

Once you figure out how to surrender what holds you back, the world is yours for the taking.

Surrender everything that holds you back from losing weight, becoming a better parent, becoming a better spouse, getting out of debt, running a personal best, completing a marathon, learning a new skill, or finding a better career.

Surrender what makes you weak, and you’ll realize what makes you strong. This is the power of surrender.

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