Tune Belt AB77 MP3 Armband Review

When I switched over to running with an MP3 player, I was on the hunt for an armband to support it. There were a lot of options out there but a brand I’ve come to trust when it comes to sports armband is Tune Belt.

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You can read my prior review of Tune Belt that I used for my Moto X. This was the armband that won me over.

Tune Belt makes a number of quality sports armbands and for this review I’ll share my thoughts on the AB77 for MP3 Players.

Tune Belt AB77 Out of the Box

My first impression of the AB77 is that it’s size was in proportion to my MP3 player. A smaller armband for a smaller device. It’s low profile and light which means it doesn’t intrude on my running.

This armband only comes in black, but this is fine with me. I’m not really big on colors for this type of gear.

As small as this armband is there’s still room to manage earphone cord slack (if you haven’t gone wireless yet).


The navigation pane fits nicely over my MP3 player and I can consistently, easily toggle buttons.

When it comes to armbands, comfort is one of the (if not the) most important requirements. For all the looks and functionality of an armband, if it doesn’t feel right, it’s not worth wearing on a run. The AB77 is comfortable whether I’m slipping over my bare arm or layered up for a cold weather run.

Worth noting that this model of Tune Belt is labelled for iPod Nanos but easily fits other MP3 type devices. Use the Tune Belt sizing guide for more information on how to select the right armband.

Tune Belt AB77 On the Run

If comfort is the most important requirement for an armband then stability is number two. An armband that can’t support the device and hold it’s place can create real problems.

The AB77 exceeded my expectations for this review on the run. I found it easy to access and toggle buttons. The protect shield was easy to read through.


One the highlights of the AB77 beyond comfort and stability is the fact that it can be washed. It’s also important to note that a lot of the Tune Belt products are washable and hold up nicely.

Final Thoughts

Tune Belt is a reliable brand for sports armbands. It’s not surprise that AB77 delivers comfort, support, and quality. If you’re interested in purchasing the Tune Belt AB77, check out this link from Amazon for more information.

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