Under Armour Scorpio Review

The Under Armour Scorpio feels like a stability running shoe but looks like a neutral trainer. In this review, I’ll detail what Under Armour has come up with for their latest running shoe.

Key features I’ll discuss:

  • Chrome plating
  • Traction pods
  • Propulsion system
  • Upper design
  • Cushioning
  • Support

Under Armour Scorpio Out-of-the-box

The folks over Finish Line provided me a sample of the Scorpio to test out. Usually I get a heads up when a shoe is en route but not really what it might look like. So out-of-the-box I was impressed with the chrome plating on the Scorpio. My boys refer to Scorpio’s as my “Iron Man” shoes. I guess it’s the metallic look that makes the connection.


It is a cool look but kind of makes it hard to wear outside of running or at the gym. If you look at the other Scorpio options, there are different flavors to choose from if chrome isn’t you thing.

Under-Armour-Scorpio-Black Under-Armour-Scorpio-Red-Black-Steel Under-Armour-Steel-White-Gray Under-Armour-Yellow-Black

The chrome plates in the heel counter and in the midsole provide a stability. The chrome is just a finish so don’t caught up in the reflection.







The upper has a mesh design that’s breathable and feels durable. The tongue is interesting because it’s completely molded with pockets for ventilation. The heel collar snugs nicely to round out the upper.


Once I got past the chrome, I looked at a few other points of interest. The track pods on the sole of the shoe are something different. Under Armour has designed it so the the shoe is versatile enough on any surface. For this review, I only ran on the road (and was pleased). I didn’t have time to take them over to my local track for a workout but know that the traction pods are very responsive and would hold up well.


The other feature that jumps out at me is the cleat design. This isn’t just another running shoe. Under Armour took a chance in designing a shoe that inspired by cleats that actually houses a propulsion system. With each step there’s an energy return that better (if not the best) I’ve felt of all the shoes I’ve reviewed.

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Lastly, the Scorpio weighs in at 9.75 ounces. Not bad for a shoe with plenty going on. For me, this feels like a light shoe but I also prefer to run in stability shoes (so almost anything feels lighter).

I give Under Armour points for it’s original look and fusing it with some impressive technology for running.

Under Armour Scorpio On the Road

When it comes to running shoes, looks only get you so far. Testing the Scorpio on the road put that innovative design right to the test.

The fit is a little narrow for my wide feet. It’s not uncomfortable but slightly on the snug side.


Just walking around in the Scorpio two things that I feel were immediate: plenty of cushioning and the traction is really responsive. The cushioning is really pronounced because of the insole. Its by far the most padding for a shoe I’ve seen. Actually, I took it out because my orthotics made fit too tight. But a lot of that cushioning is lost when the insole is removed. With the orthotic back, it just took some relacing to make it fit comfortably.


The heel-to-toe-drop is also more that the other Under Armour shoes I’ve reviewed. The official number wasn’t available at the time of this review, but my estimates come in around a 9 or 10 mm. This can be a tricky thing to measure so be sure to revisit this post with an update.

With the snug fit, cushioning, and higher heel the Scorpio provides a supportive, comfortable run. We’re not in stability territory with the Scorpio but it does provide a great energy return based on what I’ve read.

The shoes conform to my feet to provide a responsive ride. I felt that the propulsion system mentioned early is really in play. This technology makes the shoes’ sole less flexible which suit me just fine. Something to consider if flexibility is a requirement.

Beyond Running

I was impressed with this shoe and also tested it on my cross training workouts. The Scorpio excelled here and can easily earn a reputation for being versatile. The firm sole and the traction pods are a great combination when it comes to quick, explosive moves.

Final thoughts on the Under Armour Scorpio

I found the Scorpio to be a solid mid-range trainer. With plenty of support, energy return, and responsiveness. The Scorpio is a running shoe with plenty of style and the substance to back it up.


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