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Yurbuds Ironman Series Endure Headphones Review

Do you struggle with headphones coming undone while running? I used to have that problem but switched over to the Yurbuds Ironman Series Endure Headphones and…problem solved.

For most of my runs, I listen to music and used to think any pair of headphones would do – so I bought a pair of cheap ones at Walgreens or Target.

Now these worked OK but over time the sound quality began to break down.

Another issue I noticed was that the headphones weren’t sweat reistantant. End result? One headphone would get clogged up and couldn’t hear out of them.

But the biggest issue I had with cheap headphones were their inability to stay in my ear. Nothing annoyed me more when I had to finagle my headphones to rest in one place while running. It was a distraction that was completely unnecessary.

I came across the Yurbuds Ironman Series Endure Headphones while doing an Amazon search and I had reviewed another Yurbuds headphone not that long ago. It was good quality but didn’t have the behind the ear feature I was looking for. The Endure met my criteria and I’m really excited to share this review.

Yurbuds Ironman Series Endure Headphones Out of the Box
What stood out about the Endure series is the behind the ear and twist lock technology. For runners and athletes, this is a set and forget feature that I love!

The color black is perfect because a previous headphone purchase was orange – I can’t justify the color but it made sense at the time.

First they’re very comfortable and rested nicely behind my ears and inside my ear. Looking at them, you might think they’re so comfortable because you’re plugging them into your ear via the twist lock technology. Not the case; as soon as they were on they blended into the background and you can enjoy music.

The sound quality is pretty good for reasonable priced (not cheap) headphones. They’re not Powerbeats by Dr. Dre
or Bose quality but I don’t think I’d invest hundreds of dollars in headphones.

Bass is good and there’s no echoing. I knew these were quality headphones based on the fact that I could set the volume low and they delivered a good decibel that didn’t hurt my ears but I could still hear my

Yurbuds Ironman Series Endure Headphones On the Road
Here’s the best sign of a good pair headphones, they’re not the focus of a run. This means I was repositioning, stopping, adjusting, etc. while running: set and forget.

With a comfortable and secure fit and feel, I had no reservation about how these headphones would perform while running.

Since I purchased these headphones, most of my workouts have been in cold weather requiring a hat. Not an issue in terms of comfort. The behind the ear feature didn’t create any extra bulkiness with my hat.

Another critical aspect of good headphones is the ability to hear ambient noise – specifically oncoming cars. Now when I run with music the volume does vary. I only raise it up if I’m in my neighborhood and there’s enough light to see and be seen.

When it comes to the road or anywhere outside my neighborhood, the volume comes down as anything can happen. I still want to listen to music – just safely.

The Endure headphones provide ample ambient noise so that I can hear what behind me (cars, walkers, runners, racoons, etc.). I found the balance of music and noise to be agreeable that I get would I need from both.

One Downside
The Yurbuds Ironman Series Endure Headphones provide an excellent sound and comfort, but misses the mark on cord management. I keep my headphones in my gym bag which is usually not a bad thing except when I take them out. The cord is so tangled it’s like spaghetti. Certainly not the end of the world but does make it difficult to grab and go.

I’m a morning runner and try to have all my gear laid out the night before to save time. When these headphones are tangled,these headphones become a big time suck. I’m hoping Yurbuds addresses this shortcoming in future generations. These are great headphones but the user experience is mixed when dealing with the cord.

Final Thoughts
The Yurbuds Ironman Series Endure Headphones are my go to headphones for running. If you listen to music while running, the Endure headphones require some serious consideration. The fit, feel, and sound hit high marks. The best part is that these headphones come at price that won’t hurt your wallet.

Did this review help? If you’re interested in these headphones, click this link from Amazon: Yurbuds Black.

The Myth of Perfection

The myth of perfection is a strong one to break. There’s a desire to have everything in place, be in charge, and, well, perfect.

Presenting yourself to other people as perfect is a tough act to keep up. You can show a front that’s never out of order or messy. Always say the right thing, have the right answer, have a quick joke, know everything about anything. It’s a lot of pressure to keep up and ultimately this facade fails the perfectionist.

The end result is that the perfectionist is miserable. Standards are way too high to be met. Too much time is spent looking at the past of what went wrong and to the future of what could go wrong. This is in all effort to keep things controlled and perfect.

Living like this is miserable and someone who is battling the myth of perfection everyday.

The Myth of Perfection in Running
I’ve been injured often in running. Name an injury and I’ve probably had it. One link to my injured past is the desire for the perfect stride. It’s a wasted effort to run perfectly. Ugh.

Since September 2014 I surrendered my ideas of the perfect running form. I’m sure it’s out there but not for me to find. I stopped reading blog posts, books, articles, etc. on running form. Instead, I went to a free running form workshop at my local running store. I got some pointers on what to do and went with it.

I’m not tearing up the roads with my “perfect” form. I’m not faster but I’m happier.

I’ve accepted that I’ll probably get injured again. But now I think about ways to avoid over training and when to replace shoes.

I do the best I can and whatever happens after that just happens.

The Myth of Perfection at Home
I’m constantly seeking perfection from others. My kids, wife, and others. When they’re not perfect like I want them to be, I get all bent out of shape, cranky. Again, it’s exhausting living like this.

Now, it’s not always like this. I’m still trying to figure out why I get upset about a cabinet left open and not about toys left on the floor.

I do know that expecting perfection from everyone makes me not so fun to be around. I recognize that. Kind of like running, I’m letting go more and just going with it. Stop trying to have everything fit nicely; in it’s right place.

The Myth of Perfection in Me
If I can get over myself, then I just might move forward. I used to be worse when it came to perfection. I used to suffer from paralysis from analysis. I would just sit on things and waited when the timing was…perfect.

Before I was married, I wanted to paint my condo. It took my three months to pull the trigger to do it. I feared the disorder my living space would be in because of the paint smell, moving furniture around, and the time. Yet, I was OK with living with flesh colored walls that had yellow stains on them.

I wanted to be machine-like in how I lived my life. It worked for a while but over time machines break down. I was afraid to make mistakes or be uncomfortable. I demanded expected outcomes and feared the unknown. This mindset is crippling. Left me angry, lonely, and unhealthy.

I look like real mess, don’t I? Well, I’m drawing attention to that fact that perfectionism is a problem that creates more trouble than it’s worth. At times I’ve felt inadequate. With social media, those feelings become even greater. It’s tough not to see others portraying perfection in pictures. As a result, the myth of perfection is born and sticks around. Oh, and it’s tough to break.

Breaking the Myth of Perfection
Wait until you’re ready and you’ll run out of time

What helps me break this mindset is being present. I’m constantly reminding myself to pay attention to what’s happening. Don’t try to anticipate what’s going to happen. Avoid the should’ve, could’ve, or would’ve scenario. Live in the now in order to grow.

Mistakes will be made but it’s what happens after is what matters. This is a tough transition for me. As I write this post, I’m struggling with the challenge of letting go of being perfect.

Not every run is a perfect one, but just getting on the road is awesome. Listening to some good music on a run is fun too. Logging a few more miles toward a weight loss goal puts me in a better position than when I left the house.

The house won’t always be clean. Kids aren’t robots and stuff happens. Enjoy the moment as it happens. I’ve never met an elderly person that looks back on their life and regret not having the house always clean, or having the bills organized. Things will get done but not at the time I always want it.

I’m going to be wrong more times than I’m right. Maybe. The point is to put myself out there and see what happens. If I’m wrong, learn from it. If I’m right, learn from it. Playing it safe or living comfortably rarely leads to a richer life. Experiment and find out.

How do you deal with the myth of perfection?

30 Days of Discipline Review

30 Days of Discipline Review

Are you in need of a change? Is life just a series of motions at this point? If you’re answering yes, then it’s time for 30 Days of Discipline.

30 Days of Discipline is an e-book written by Victor Pride of Bold and Determined. I’ve been following Victor’s blog for over a year now and find his message refreshing, honest, and always relevant. His e-book takes his Bold and Determined approach to life and presents a way to stop wishing and start living.

WARNING. Read the next few sentences carefully. 30 Days of Discipline is not some virtual hug, new wave self-improvement book. This is an e-book for men looking for a plan, a path, or direction on how to approach life. Once you start 30 Days of Discipline, there’s no going back to the way things used to be. One way or another this book will positively change you.

30 Days of Discipline Solves a Major Problem in Our Society
Read the news much? There’s a lot of negativity out in the world. Few stories are uplifting. Tough economy, war, crime, disease. I see articles of people lost and without a purpose leading them to bad decisions.

Switch over to social media,we can see facades of people looking happy. They share photos of the good stuff, but what happens in real life, not the digital one?

These are just examples of how our society can hold us down. I’m not suggesting we bury our heads in the sand but if we get too consumed with how bad things are or how good things are for other people we can become lost.

Are you lost? Order 30 Days of Discipline – now!

30 Days of Discipline introduces you to a new approach to life. Cut the distractions and live in the present. It’s more like shove the distractions out of the way and attack the present.

Victor provides a 12 step plan toward getting your life in order: body and mind. It doesn’t happen overnight but the foundation is set in just 30 days.

What Does 30 Days of Discipline offer?
It offers priorities, clarity, and purpose.

30 Days gets you to focus on what’s important in your life. Put down the smartphone and get your head in the game.

30 Days helps you discover your passion. Start working towards a goal and achieve results.

30 Days wakes you up in the morning with a purpose. You’ll get more done in the first hour you’re awake then most people do in a day.

Whatever you put into 30 Days of Discipline is what you get out. Victor lays out a clear path to discipline but it’s up to you how it’s executed.

What did 30 Days of Discipline Do for Me?
I’ll cut to chase. By the of the 30 days: I lost 10 pounds and signed up for a marathon. No joke. Tactics laid in 30 Days kicked my butt in to high gear.

I’m a long time runner and I always wanted to run a marathon but found a good excuse not to run one. Coming out of 30 Days of Discipline, I had the confidence and focus to attack this goal.

When I started 30 Days, I felt like I was in boot camp. I was very uncomfortable because it was challenging. I was doing things that I didn’t think I would – like become a morning person and hold myself more accountable.

What Victor does is get you surrender all your comforts, habits, and routines. The things that made you are taken away and replaced with a new set of ideals to live by. The first week is eye opening.

By the end of the 30 Days, I didn’t see 30 Days as something that made me uncomfortable, only stronger.

I’ve found a lot self-help books spend a lot of pages on antecdotes and plans within plans to improve. Victor shoves that nonsense to the side and gives it to you straight. That’s what I wanted. I wasn’t looking for a 300 page-feel good-manifesto.

I bought 30 Days of Discipline because I wanted to make a change in my life. I wanted to get back control and become decisive. I wanted a clearer picture of what I wanted out of life. 30 Days got me started and can do the same for you.

Final Thoughts
Think about your last New Year’s resolution. How did that go? Did you start the first week or two engaged and committed only to fade out. That resolution probably looks like a pipe dream now. Well, why not resurrect that resolution but this time attack it with 30 Days of Discipline. Create a new view of the world that has you owning it.

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15 Review – Little Changes for a Great Shoe

I arrived late to the party when it came to the Brooks Adrenaline GTS series. I didn’t start running in the Adrenaline until the 14 – better late than never!

Check out my other reviews of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS series.

The Adrenaline is a favorite among many runners looking for stability and cushioning. That’s exactly what drew me to this shoe. I love the balance and support the Adrenaline provides. Plus, the shoe is designed nicely without looking bulky. I recently picked up the Adrenaline GTS 15 and excited to share this review.

The Spin on the Adrenaline GTS 15
Before I get to my thoughts here’s a rundown of what the folks at Brooks marketing department are spinning about the Adrenaline GTS 15:

BioMoGo DNA midsole provides adaptive cushioning
Progressive Diagonal Rollbar for added control
Full-length Segmented Crash Pad delivers smooth transitions
Moisture-management mesh upper helps feet stay cool and dry
Bold new color choices offer style for miles
The Adrenaline GTS 15 weighs in at 11.0 ounces and has a 12mm offset.

Adrenaline GTS 15 Fit and Feel
Welcome back to reality. All this cool technology is exciting and it’s tough to really improve on an already impressive shoe.

What I like about this shoe is that Brooks hasn’t messed with the weight and the offset. If anything can be predictable about a running, make these features.

I used to run in the Mizuno Wave Inspire and then they tried to reduce the weight. This angered me. Fortunately, I fell right into the Adrenalines.

I want a durable shoe. This whole seamless upper craze is sexy but not so much when you pronate and need support.

I prefer a higher offset as it fits my stride and body type.

What I found disappointing in this shoe was the toe box. It feels narrow compared to the 14. Actually, I had blisters after my first run in this shoe. Maybe I had the false impression it would be plug and play – not the case. I wound up wearing the shoes around the house and on errands to break them in.

Eventually, I broke the shoes in and the toe box seems to be less of an issue.

I bought the shoes on Finish Line but didn’t see the warning that Brooks makes on their site. The Adrenaline 15 run about a ½ size smaller than the 14. All the more reason to trust but verify.

The shoes are now comfortable and feel closer to the 14. While Brooks recommends buying a ½ size up, give it some thought.

On the road with the Adrenaline GTS 15
Once I finally broke in the shoes, the 15’s felt more familiar. This will probably be the shoe I train in for my marathon as I find them versatile for long runs and speedwork.

I’m impressed with the traction as I’ve experienced rain, snow, and dry conditions – all in March and April! Of course at 11 ounces, I would hope that Brooks wouldn’t skimp on the sole. I found out that’s how some shoes arrive at these ridiculous shoe weights – cut a little from the bottom of the shoe.

While the Adrenaline GTS 15 doesn’t have that sexy seamless upper, it still breathes really nicely. I’d consider this a step up from 14.

The heel-to-toe transition was smooth and consistent.

The build up of the cushioning and support is still there and that’s why this shoe will continue to be a favorite of mine.

Final Thoughts
Despite the smaller toe box, I’m still a fan of the Adrenaline GTS 15. This shoe is dependable and predictable (not a bad thing). If you’re in an earlier version of the Adrenaline and what to make the move to the 15, do it! But use caution when deciding on a size.

Ready to make the move on the Brooks Adrenalin GTS 15? Good, use these links to make it happen. They are affiliate links and I receive a small commission based on your purchase at no extra cost to you.