30 Days of Discipline Review

30 Days of Discipline Review

Are you in need of a change? Is life just a series of motions at this point? If you’re answering yes, then it’s time for 30 Days of Discipline.

30 Days of Discipline is an e-book written by Victor Pride of Bold and Determined. I’ve been following Victor’s blog for over a year now and find his message refreshing, honest, and always relevant. His e-book takes his Bold and Determined approach to life and presents a way to stop wishing and start living.

WARNING. Read the next few sentences carefully. 30 Days of Discipline is not some virtual hug, new wave self-improvement book. This is an e-book for men looking for a plan, a path, or direction on how to approach life. Once you start 30 Days of Discipline, there’s no going back to the way things used to be. One way or another this book will positively change you.

30 Days of Discipline Solves a Major Problem in Our Society
Read the news much? There’s a lot of negativity out in the world. Few stories are uplifting. Tough economy, war, crime, disease. I see articles of people lost and without a purpose leading them to bad decisions.

Switch over to social media,we can see facades of people looking happy. They share photos of the good stuff, but what happens in real life, not the digital one?

These are just examples of how our society can hold us down. I’m not suggesting we bury our heads in the sand but if we get too consumed with how bad things are or how good things are for other people we can become lost.

Are you lost? Order 30 Days of Discipline – now!

30 Days of Discipline introduces you to a new approach to life. Cut the distractions and live in the present. It’s more like shove the distractions out of the way and attack the present.

Victor provides a 12 step plan toward getting your life in order: body and mind. It doesn’t happen overnight but the foundation is set in just 30 days.

What Does 30 Days of Discipline offer?
It offers priorities, clarity, and purpose.

30 Days gets you to focus on what’s important in your life. Put down the smartphone and get your head in the game.

30 Days helps you discover your passion. Start working towards a goal and achieve results.

30 Days wakes you up in the morning with a purpose. You’ll get more done in the first hour you’re awake then most people do in a day.

Whatever you put into 30 Days of Discipline is what you get out. Victor lays out a clear path to discipline but it’s up to you how it’s executed.

What did 30 Days of Discipline Do for Me?
I’ll cut to chase. By the of the 30 days: I lost 10 pounds and signed up for a marathon. No joke. Tactics laid in 30 Days kicked my butt in to high gear.

I’m a long time runner and I always wanted to run a marathon but found a good excuse not to run one. Coming out of 30 Days of Discipline, I had the confidence and focus to attack this goal.

When I started 30 Days, I felt like I was in boot camp. I was very uncomfortable because it was challenging. I was doing things that I didn’t think I would – like become a morning person and hold myself more accountable.

What Victor does is get you surrender all your comforts, habits, and routines. The things that made you are taken away and replaced with a new set of ideals to live by. The first week is eye opening.

By the end of the 30 Days, I didn’t see 30 Days as something that made me uncomfortable, only stronger.

I’ve found a lot self-help books spend a lot of pages on antecdotes and plans within plans to improve. Victor shoves that nonsense to the side and gives it to you straight. That’s what I wanted. I wasn’t looking for a 300 page-feel good-manifesto.

I bought 30 Days of Discipline because I wanted to make a change in my life. I wanted to get back control and become decisive. I wanted a clearer picture of what I wanted out of life. 30 Days got me started and can do the same for you.

Final Thoughts
Think about your last New Year’s resolution. How did that go? Did you start the first week or two engaged and committed only to fade out. That resolution probably looks like a pipe dream now. Well, why not resurrect that resolution but this time attack it with 30 Days of Discipline. Create a new view of the world that has you owning it.

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